Quick peek at my current project

December 8, 2010

Here’s a quick peek at the dimensional sketch for part of my current rack project. Click the image to see it full-size!

I’m waiting to take delivery on the steel for this one, ordered from Aircraft Spruce—should be here on friday!  This’ll give me the time to work out some details on paper and in the shop beforehand so that the build goes smoothly.

5 Responses to “Quick peek at my current project”

  1. Sean Hagen Says:

    Awesome stuff dude. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. Tom Says:

    So dope. How are you going to make the ring?

    • timichango Says:

      The ring’s actually pretty easy—built one up in 3/8″ as a trial for my good bender when I got it.

      You basically bend two 180° ‘U’ shaped bends in the material, and then cut them back to semi-circles, and file them so that they fit flush with one-another and form a circle. Then make a small internal joining sleeve out of smaller O.D. material (or just take a short length tubing, slice out a section of the wall, and roll it in on itself), and use the sleeve to socket the halves of the circle together.

      Then flux and braze it up! For ease of use, this time around I’m going to prime the inside of the joint with some folded-up brass rod and see how far I can get without having to flow the brass in from the outside through the gap in the joint.

  3. col Says:

    Hey, Nice work! Can you tell me what program you used for your design sketch?

  4. timichango Says:

    Hey, thanks for the feedback!

    The sketches were done in illustrator, using the cad-tools plugin for dimensioning.

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